State Chooses Elsah For Broadband Planning Initiative

Along with Springfield and four other Illinois municipalities, tiny Elsah was chosen to be part of the Accelerate Illinois Broadband Infrastructure Planning Program, as announced by the Governor. For more information, visit Elsah Selected for Broadband Effort.

Next step for broadband: TAKE THE SURVEY by April 15 at 

Connect Elsah is the group of Elsah residents working on the process of improving broadband coverage in Elsah and surrounding communities through an education/mentorship program. Before the group interviews Internet providers or applies for grants, we the users need to create a map of the current state of internet services in the area by taking a short survey.

Here’s why it’s important: The more households and businesses participate, the greater the incentive for Internet providers to address our connectivity issues. BTW, when you take the survey (link in the title above), your name will be entered into a random drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate to any Elsah area business.

The Connect Elsah Vision is: To provide reliable and affordable high-speed internet as an essential utility for the community in and around the Village of Elsah. By doing so, create equitable educational, economic, health, and wellbeing opportunities for all. For questions call (314) 514-5493 or email [email protected]