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Village of Elsah AED Device Now Available at Post Office Lobby

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been moved from the Green Tree Inn to the lobby of the Village of Elsah’s Post Office. The new spot will be more temperature-appropriate and easier to find.

Safe, simple to use, and commonly available in public areas, AEDs are used to shock people who are in sudden cardiac arrest to restore heart function. The device evaluates the victim’s heart rhythm and then talks the rescuer through the steps needed to either administer a shock and/or perform CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). The AED is portable and light enough to be taken directly to the victim.

Several Village Board members and other Elsah residents have been trained and certified in CPR and use of the AED, although anyone can start the process by following the verbal directions issued by the AED when it is activated.

Appreciation goes to the Davis’ at Green Tree Inn for providing the space for it up until now.

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The Elsah Garden Club

With the encouragement of the Elsah Village Board, a group of residents have set out to make Elsah even more beautiful than it already is today.  Please support our beautification efforts by making a small donation to the Elsah Garden Club.  See the introductory letter for more information.

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Leaf Disposal

Please do not burn leaves in the Village. Residents should take their bagged leaves to the maintenance building located at 114 Mill Street. Thank You.