Spotlight: Elsah Winter Birds


In Elsah, the elusive Pileated Woodpecker, larger than a crow, is known for its distinct call and red cap, inhabiting areas like Mill Street and Elsah Hills. They require large territories of 100+ acres. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, another local bird, feeds by drilling holes in trees to drink sap and eat insects. The small, tuxedo-clad Juncos, or "snowbirds," visit in winter and migrate north for summer. The common White-throated Sparrow, with its distinctive song and appearance, is also a winter visitor in Elsah, found near forest edges and parks.

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SPOTLIGHT: Weddings in Elsah


The Village of Elsah, ideal for weddings, features outdoor events at Green Tree Inn and indoor ceremonies at the United Methodist Church and Farley Music Hall, with rental information available from Connie Davis for Green Tree Inn and Donna DeWeese for Farley’s.

SPOTLIGHT: Weddings in Elsah2024-01-29T10:49:57-06:00
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